Public offer agreement

Between tserkovnij, on the one hand, and any natural or legal person (hereinafter "Client"), accepting the terms of this agreement, on the other hand, the following public offer agreement is concluded:

1. Subject of the agreement

1.1. The online store offers services for the sale of goods that are presented on our website (hereinafter "Goods").

1.2. The terms of sale of Goods, as well as this agreement, are binding for all Clients who accept our public offer.

2. Acceptance of terms

2.1. By ordering Goods through our website or any other means, the Client agrees to the terms of this agreement.

2.2. By accepting the terms of the agreement, the Clients confirm that they have the right to enter into legal agreements.

3. Ordering Goods

3.1. The client can place an order for the Goods through our website.

3.2. The client undertakes to provide accurate and reliable information when placing an order.

4. Cost of Goods and payment

4.1. The cost of the Goods and information on payment methods are indicated on our website or in the order.

4.2. The client undertakes to pay the price of the Goods within the established terms and according to the selected payment method.

5. Rights and duties

5.1. The online store undertakes to provide the Goods to the Client in accordance with the terms of this contract.

5.2. The client has the right to receive high-quality and original Goods that correspond to the description on the website.

6. Goods delivery

6.1. The conditions and cost of delivery of the Goods are set out on our website or any other place where delivery information is available.

6.2. The client undertakes to provide accurate and complete data for the delivery of the Goods.

7. Return of Goods

7.1. The client has the right to return the Goods in accordance with the terms and conditions established by law.

7.2. The return of Goods is carried out in accordance with the procedure defined on our website.

8. Privacy and Personal Data

8.1. The online store undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information received from the Client, within the limits of the legislation.

8.2. The clients agree that the online store can collect and process their personal data for the purpose of providing services and in accordance with the privacy policy.

9. Changes to the contract

9.1. The online store reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time.

10. Final provisions

10.1. This agreement is legally binding for both parties from the moment of acceptance of the terms.

10.2. All disputes and disagreements that have arisen in connection with the execution of this agreement shall be resolved through negotiations.

10.3. In the event that disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, they shall be resolved in accordance with the law.